Allegra Knows What She Wants In New Music Video Do What I Want

by neonmusic

5th November, 2020

The world of pop can be a fickle one. All too often pop stars are some cookie-cutter fantasy of whatever the label or the management wants them to be – a manufactured, short-lived pretty face, designed to provide attention for one short moment before being lost to the annals of time.

Not so for Allegra.

Blossoming new talent on the pop scene, Allegra is an eighteen-year-old musician who knows exactly what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. Her new track, aptly titled Do What I Want, is a flurry of handclaps, layered vocals, and raw attitude from the newcomer.

The hook is infectious and you’ll certainly be humming it in no time after only one listen. Allegra wrote the track herself during the lockdown, as a response to her artistic energies being stifled by quarantine. The result is a song filled with unbridled creativity and youthful energy, destined to be on repeat during every lockdown bedroom party over the next few months.

The instrumentation itself is sparse, which allows both Allegra’s personality and her vocals to shine through. Her voice, honed in music lessons since she was a young girl, is dripping with defiance and cheekiness, a knowing nod and wink to the listener in audible form.
Backed by a lusciously harmonised vocal, the song is lilting on its way to the explosion of the chorus, smacking of peers like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. It may not be long before Allegra can include herself amongst their ranks.

Do What I Want heralds in a new generation of pop artists, led by Allegra, who, with this track, promises to keep entertaining us and to never, ever play by the rules.

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