Alice D Captures Joy And Spring In New EP Where The Wildflowers Grow

by Lucy Lerner

29th April, 2021

London born singer-songwriter Alice D recently dropped her gorgeous new EP Where The Wildflowers Grow. Song Paper Roses is the perfect introduction to this 3 track EP which envelops bright, spring vibes. Incorporating Bossa Nova and RnB, Alice D’s delicate vocals flutter over a soft and sensual instrumental rhythm.

“Paper Roses themselves aren’t real, the song describes a love that is fake / imitation of love. In the song I mention trying to “catch a flight on your paper plane,” which plays into the fake-ness of this relationship. I also reference the roses having “no aroma”, colour fading & the fact that “they don’t grow” (i.e our love doesn’t grow).” – Alice D

The rest of the EP features more RnB elements with catchy melodies and Fairy Tales is worth a mention for the easy breezy feel it exudes. Alice D has captured the nation’s joy in coming out of lockdown and enjoying life’s offerings and spring sunshine in her new project Where The Wildflowers Grow which is out now.

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