Alec Benjamin’s Twist In I Sent My Therapist To Therapy

by Marcus Adetola

10th December, 2023

Alec Benjamins Twist in I Sent My Therapist To Therapy

Alec Benjamin’s song I Sent My Therapist To Therapy is a striking example of storytelling in music, blending humour and vulnerability in a way that’s both unexpected and deeply human. The song’s narrative, detailing an ironic twist where the therapist needs therapy after hearing the singer’s woes, is a clever inversion of traditional roles.

Benjamin’s approach to melody is deceptively simple yet perfect for the lyrics to convey the track’s theme. The piano and guitar accompaniments provide a dynamic and haunting backdrop that complements the song’s narrative arc without overpowering it. This musical arrangement allows the lyrics’ wit and relatability to shine, creating a space where listeners can find both amusement and a sense of connection.

Alec Benjamin I Sent My Therapist To Therapy song cover
Alec Benjamin I Sent My Therapist To Therapy song cover

The lyrics and delivery themselves are a standout feature. Benjamin avoids the trap of overwrought sentimentality, opting instead for straightforward storytelling that packs an emotional punch. Benjamin carefully crafts the verses and chorus, with each line delivering a mix of humour and pathos that is rare in contemporary songwriting. The chorus, “I’m so messed up, I sent my therapist to therapy,” is particularly memorable, encapsulating the song’s essence in a single, catchy line.

I Sent My Therapist To Therapy by Alec Benjamin is definitely worth listening to.

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