AJ Smith Captures Our Hearts With Roommate

by Lucy Lerner

24th February, 2021

To get that sunny Friday feeling every day then check out AJ Smith‘s latest release Roommate, a fun track and video for which the melody will bounce around in your head all day and make you grin.

The visuals show AJ Smith in a removal van playing his ukelele and singing cheerfully asking his girlfriend to move in with him. He does it in a playful, natural way discussing using the toilet with the door open, the other half seeing him “with his worst parts on display“, putting up with his snoring but he is willing to compromise by moving his drum set from the living room and driving to Ikea. If that isn’t love then I don’t know what is.

“I’m ready to see the same face every morning, hope you move in and you don’t mind me snoring, do you wanna be, do you really wanna be my new roommate”

Indie-pop singer-songwriter AJ Smith discusses his new single, “I wrote this song to ask my girlfriend to move in with me. The lyrics are meant to convey all the excitement of growing closer through living together coupled with the anxiety of whether or not they’re ready. I was really inspired by “Wouldn’t it be nice?” (Beach Boys) and the idea of creating a vintage meets contemporary lo-fi ukelele-driven doo-wop feel to the song, especially in the bridge, where you’ll hear influences from Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time” where he himself was referencing classic doo-wop in a similarly positive tune.”

The song is insanely cheerful with a playful retro feel. AJ Smith has a warm, cheeky-chappie persona and he has captured our hearts with this number.

So when do we move in?

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