Afterglow: Cloe Wilder’s Radiant Duet with NICOLOSI

by Lucy Lerner

1st April, 2024

Afterglow: Cloe Wilder's Radiant Duet with NICOLOSI

Cloe Wilder‘s latest single, Afterglow, featuring NICOLOSI, is a captivating blend of vulnerability and musical prowess that exemplifies the rising indie-pop sensation’s artistry. Released as the third single from her upcoming EP, I Spent My Summer on the Road, this track showcases Wilder’s ability to craft emotive narratives with her signature gossamer touch.

The genesis of Afterglow is as intriguing as its sound. NICOLOSI and Wilder’s collaboration began with a banjo, a birthday gift from NICOLOSI’s mother that lent a unique texture to the song. The resulting duet effortlessly weaves together their voices, creating a rich sonic landscape that draws listeners in from the first note.

Thematically, Afterglow delves into the complexities of relationships and the inevitability of growing apart. Against the backdrop of winter, Wilder paints a vivid picture of two people drifting away, leaving behind a cold and empty space. It’s a poignant exploration of loss and longing that resonates deeply with listeners.

Well, the winters are cold
And my hands are still freezing

I’ll sleep in the snow
If it keeps you from leaving

Wilder’s forthcoming EP promises more gems like Afterglow, with tracks inspired by her experiences on the road and the challenges of navigating adolescence. From Take It In, and Fake ID to the raw Little White Pills, each song offers a glimpse into Wilder’s world, where honesty and vulnerability reign supreme.

Drawing comparisons to artists like Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey, Wilder’s music occupies a unique space in the indie-pop landscape. With her distinctive voice and evocative storytelling, she invites listeners to immerse themselves in her world, where every melody and lyric feels like a whispered secret.

As Wilder continues to captivate audiences on her 23-city tour supporting Charlotte Sands in venues across the United States and prepares for the release of I Spent My Summer on the Road on 19th April, it’s clear that she is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Afterglow is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey for this talented young artist.

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