Pop production duo aboutagirl has teamed up with LA-based singer Emir Taha on their new single ‘Deep Sea Diving.’ It’s a song which is bound to make Emir’s career even bigger, with its nostalgic sound reminiscent of DJ Scratch’s production on Busta Rhymes’ 1998 hit single ‘Gimme Some More,’ as well as its’ current Trap vibes. The song, unpredictably, rests at verse 2 via a softly played acoustic guitar, nicely leading us into a softer second chorus, alongside Emir’s Bruno Mars-esque tone, which at times delivers a captivating, intense vibrato. And, those Arabic-style adlibs, performed during Deep Sea Diving’s outro, are flawless. In other words, it’s a great single to add to Aboutagirl’s already superb portfolio of Electro material.

We also give a standing ovation to singer Emir Taha’s slick vocal performance on Aboutagirl’s new single, and the question is…are there any solo works to be released soon by this new up-and-coming music artist?

Emir’s voice could easily be heard on a UK Garage or Grime track if he was to ever make a stopover in London.

Aboutagirl’s ‘Deep Sea Diving’ is out now.