A Spoonful of ‘Brown Sugar’ by Vancouver’s Rozie

by Lana Andelane

13th April, 2018

Soulful, summery, sweet, sparkly, and sassy; five adjectives which come to mind when listening to the brand-new track ‘Brown Sugar’ by Vancouver artist Rozie. The Canadian songstress captures the sound of summer with her latest offering; an upbeat, cheerful blend of soulful R&B vibes and chilled-out House inflections.

I’ve been working on this project for quite some time now, and it finally feels ready to release,” Rozie has previously said. “I really wanted my music to portray this sort of vibe that I constantly dream of – that vibe being soulful, sun-tinged, beach-y, R&B. I wanted this art to stand for everything that I love, and I think it does just that.

The track, which Rozie created alongside producer Waspy from Dirty Radio, also features Danny McKinnon (Pomo) on guitar. The licks of guitar throughout ‘Brown Sugar’ give it an almost old-school R&B vibe, like an uptempo version of the guitar chords in ‘Always and Forever’ by Marques Houston. The pop-R&B blend, with its lowkey hints of House, produces a track which can easily transition from the car stereo on a coastal road-trip to a club DJ. Rozie explains, “While I have had some experience writing a record and putting out an album, it hasn’t felt quite like this. This music is exactly who I am and what I would turn on and listen to. The authenticity of this project is something I’m really proud of. But I couldn’t have done it myself.

The “sun-tinged, beach-y” vibe Rozie has succeeded in creating is totally infectious, effortlessly transporting the listener to a world of warm evenings on the beach and margaritas in the sun. If this song is a new addition to your playlist, there’s more to come; ‘Brown Sugar’ is an introduction to what will become a series of songs in the near future. All in all, ‘Brown Sugar’ certainly lives up to its name, painting a picture of dark tans and delivering candy-coated summer soul.

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