Lykke LiThe multi-talented songwriter and producer from Sweden has once again shown us that making stand-out Electro-Pop music is effortless for her. Having recently worked with iconic Pop producer and instrumentalist Mark Ronson, fans of Lykke Li were anticipating a new EP. And here it is, a collection of new music and remixes…’still sad, still sexy.’

Li’s new record opens with ‘sex money feelings die,’ a song which without a doubt will take you back to Mariah Carey’s ‘Emancipation’ era via smooth, sexual vocals, reminiscent of Janet Jackson’s sultry voice, specifically her vocal style on the 2008 ‘Discipline’ album. However, Li still wants to remind us of the current hits of mainstream Radio, such as Halsey’s hit single ‘Without Me,’ via mid-tempo, R&B Pop drum programming, and a slick Rap section. ‘two nights part ii,’ on the other hand, has “hit” written all over it. Li surprises us by her change in vocal tone dependent on the track, as evidenced when comparing the two opening songs since Lykke goes from ‘Janet’ to the high-pitched huskiness of Zara Larrson and Nelly Furtado. And although ‘two nights part ii’ opens with a “darkly” produced, emotive, chord structure performed on the piano, it doesn’t take long before it turns into a Timbaland-esque Pop track.

The EP continues with ‘baby doves,’ a Pop Ballad which captivates you with the delicate use of Li’s vocal vibrato and spot-on harmonies, delivered via a one-hell-of-a catchy chorus and is without a doubt Neon’s personal favourite from the music artist’s new portfolio of work. And, when Li reaches her higher register in the outro section of ‘baby doves,’ revealing an unexpected yodel-style, alongside a beautiful production of filtered, atmospheric synths, it will leave the biggest smile on your face, anticipating the next track which is the Dream Pop song ‘neon.’ Li slows things down for us and expresses her more vulnerable side over a Reggae-style influenced rhythm, reminiscent of the drum programming from Ariana Grande’s 2016 hit duet with Nicki Minaj ‘Side To Side.’ Overall, it takes you on the same ride Minaj took us on when she jumped onto the music scene back in 2010, with her dreamy and quirky debut album ‘Pink Friday.’

However, before the listener expects Li to revert to “party mode,” the emotive songwriter continues this heartfelt and honest vulnerability on the song ‘so sad, so sexy.’ It is the EP’s signature song, where its’ choking chord structure is performed on the piano, and vocally reminds us of Miley Cyrus’s 2017 Country era, with the release of the album ‘Younger Now.’ It is one of the best Ballads to be released this year so far and is lyrically both genuine and inspirational. It is because of songs like these that Lykke deserves critical acclaim from all music listeners and proves that the singer and songwriter has quite a few hidden gems up her sleeve.

‘so sad, so sexy’ is the song which demonstrates how much of a high standard Li’s songwriting skills reach, as well as the record’s final track ‘deep end,’ which ensures that Li’s new EP ends in a completely different place to how it began…in the saddest place possible.

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