A Riveting Tale Of Emancipation By Romy Dya

by Marcus Adetola

25th March, 2021

She, the new single by Romy Dya, is a riveting tale of emancipation. It’s an empowerment anthem to give strength to every woman going through a hard time emotionally. There is a build-up of intensity stoked in anticipation from the onset. As Romy’s soft and intimate vocals drift fervently on the airy piano instrumentals, seizing your attention. Elements of R&B, neo-soul, and jazz saturate the track.

There is a strong sense of vulnerability from the lyrics on She. The song tells a story of a confident and fiercely independent woman in public, however, in private, it is nothing of such. 

The feeling of not loving oneself is born out of insecurities, being dependent on everybody else’s opinions. In the song, Romy Dya shines a bright light on the beauty of loving one’s imperfections, which leads to the discovery of self-worth.

The music video for She dramatizes the theme of the song accentuating the emotions and adding a unique quality of its own.

“It’s about a woman who has been through a lot but has become stronger and wiser. She finally healed when she found love in herself. She had to get rid of the old version of ‘her’ by confronting her fears and traumatic experiences.” -Romy Dya

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