A Powerful Message From Kid Bookie In ‘Drowning’

by Blessing Borode

3rd September, 2018

In his latest music video ‘Drowning’ South East Londoner Kid Bookie delves deep and addresses the issues that have been silenced in many women’s mouths. In the video he depicts the brutality of suicide through a sex worker, this scenario holds so much power because he also attempts to break the stigma around sex workers as people are not always aware of the abuse that they have to face due to other people’s immorality. There’s a part of the song where Bookie points out that we are so unaware of the addictions that consume us, and as soon as someone tries to address this we instantly turn them away.

Kid Bookie says of ‘Drowning’ ”I understand this is not pretty, nor is it something I expect anyone to turn round and say ‘great video, the grading was amazing’, if anything this is a conversation piece, a narrative of discussion displayed in its most raw, uncut from, break the stigma of turning a blind eye because we do not see tragedy, this is tragedy and I will never stop depicting the darkness of the world as long I live, enlightenment is a great torch to carry, do not stay in the dark because being comfortable allows you to not see, sorry to all the women and men that have struggled with speaking, I’m no advocate but I exist with you.

Drowning is used as a cornerstone for those who are suffering in silence, to get them to start a conversation about their mental health because communication may be the thing that keeps people afloat in their darkest moments. This is mirrored through his own experiences: “I don’t wanna die no way, I just wanna tell the world my story”. Not many rappers are able to address issues like this with such realness and still be sensitive to the matter. However, Kid Bookie has done this so well because he isn’t here for the hype but here to deliver truths about the battles people face every day.

Kid Bookie has been personally talking to victims from around the globe getting them to use a hashtag #StayAfloat. ‘Drowning’ is taken from Kid Bookie’s recent EP ‘Shake Up’.

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