A Poignant Song For Charity From Iron Islands

by Lucy Lerner

10th May, 2017

Iron Islands are a three-piece band (Martin Andrew, Alex Baker and Olly Brown) from all over the UK and are made up of piano, bass and drums. Forming around two years ago, having been in a number of bands, they came together and found a penchant for writing melodic, catchy rock songs with heartfelt lyrics and infectious musical passages. They used their influences from the 90s grunge scene with bands such as Nirvana to 70s funk like Parliament and even The Beatles and At the Drive-In to establish a band that comprises of just piano, electric bass and drums.

Their new single ‘Within These Bones’ is a poignant slice of alternative folk, but the group don’t focus on one particular genre and their music is more about sounds and feelings. As they say, “We don’t sound like anything and yet we sound completely familiar at the same time.” Their music is about personal experiences from love to loss and everyday life.

‘Within These Bones’ is a thoughtful, dreamy piece of music and a juxtaposition as the instrumentals and melody are quite uplifting until you hear the lyrics and learn the inspiration behind it. It’s about lead singer, Martin Andrew, losing his father; those last few days in a hospital and dealing with the aftermath and bereavement process.

They checked your vital signs, everything’s not right, your heart’s beating faster than the drive here tonight, your lungs are machines, I pray they still breathe in the morning.”

It really takes you on a journey and you feel hopeful towards the last note and words, “So I’ll grow within these bones.”

Iron Islands have played at a number of renowned venues in London and have recently been recording tracks for their debut album at Red Bull Studios.

Money made from downloads is being donated to The British Heart Foundation.
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