A non-stop THRILL with JOYRYDE featuring MAJILLA. They feast you with an action-packed, high octane movie-esque video with dynamic sounds. A fusion of different genres comes to live in THRILL including, Rap, Bass house, and Garage music. The sound blends so well with the visuals creating an enjoyable stimulus for your senses. The track excels at every single genre incorporated. The lyrics and melody are catchy and flows well with the various instrumentals on the track to create a tide of emotions. 

Love don’t come with rules
Got the bullets in the bag
I do this shit for you
My hearts the crime scene
Where you at don’t say you left me too
What hurts the most
Comes from the past
I know that shit is true
But I still fuck with you

You are in for a thrilling ride both visually and audibly. Unfortunately, the actor in the video sadly passed away, and JOYRYDE left a heartfelt tribute.

“Over 4 days I made friends I didn’t know I needed. It adjusted my life and ambition for creating the video. Rob and Melian are the stars. They made this video what it is and I’m so amazingly grateful for the whole experience.

About 6 months ago Rob tragically died. It was the most devastating moment in our lives. I still can’t believe it. He was the most alive person I’ve ever met. We became childhood friends within minutes. This started out as a music video, but ended up being a huge life event for me and for many others. I’m so proud of it and so grateful to everyone who helped bring it to life.” – JOYRYDE