Trevor DruryHaving walked the runway for Tom Ford and modelled for a number of international fashion brands, New-York based Trevor Drury has now turned his attention to music. Drury saw in this year with the release of ‘Head on the Tracks’, a gutsy single with a sinister edge. He now returns with ‘Chapter 4’, an emotive break-up anthem that shows a tender side to this pop enigma.

Starting slowly with a pulsing synth and minimalist keys part, the single soon intensifies with the introduction of Drury’s prominent vocals. He is not scared to push the boundaries of conventional pop music, and this results in a sound that is fresh, new, and yet enthralling. There is a charming duality to Drury’s tone and lyric delivery that situate him as a real one to watch.

The Video, with its focus on movement and hazy pulled focus shots, only helps drive home the sentiment of the single, and Drury’s performance is, unsurprisingly, hard to look away from. His modelling experience has made him a natural in front of the camera, and the video showcases his enthralling stage presence.

Make sure to check out the brand new video, and head to his website to see what else Trevor Drury gets up to this year.