A Message Of Hope & Unity In DJ Boat and Kobi Jonz’s ‘Naija-Ghana Tape Vol. 1’

by Terry Guy

16th January, 2020

Kobi Jonz x DJ Boat

We wanted to create something that sends a message of unity to whoever encounters this great body of work.”

Musically fusing both their African backgrounds together, Ghanian legend DJ Boat and talented, Nigerian producer Kobi Jonz have joined forces to create a body of work they have entitled ‘Naija-Ghana Tape Vol. 1.’ It’s an EP of Afrobeats, Pop, Reggaeton and Dancehall-influenced music, alongside authentic African instrumentation and soothing vocal performances.

Vocalist David Meli, with his gravelly yet laid-back tone on the opening track ‘Private Party’ will take you away from the British Winter to a hot beach, a million miles from your current state. The sensuality of Boat’s and Jonz’s music continues on ‘Call Melanin,’ consisting of a Spanish-influenced acoustic guitar, performed over a fiery Afrobeat. It is pretty much “Santana over Nigerian Pop” and we are obsessed.

The EP came about because of our deep desire to connect people of the diaspora to the unique sounds that comes from these two countries in West Africa. Having been born in Ghana and lived overseas, I understand the importance of black people everywhere connecting around our shared culture. The sounds on ‘Naija-Ghana Tape’ will take you back to your roots, allow you to connect to Africa, whether you live on the content or elsewhere in the world.” – DJ Boat

‘Give’ delivers African-instrumentation via its woodblocks and bongo drums, while the undercurrent kick keeps the tempo moving nicely, proving that although the EP’s intention is to unite Africa with the US through music, it does not at all lose its African authenticity in terms of traditional tempos and instrumentation. One thing is for certain…. Pop icon Riri could easily be heard singing on ‘Give’.

The closing song ‘Fade Away’ is the EP’s catchy number, which you will find yourself easily singing along to, especially when the lyrics in the main hook drop…”love me before I fade away.

“Throughout the creation of this wonderful body of work, my core was set at hope and unity for all, especially amongst Africans. The name ‘Naija-Ghana Tape’ sprouts from both of our origins, DJ Boat being from Ghana and myself being from Nigeria. Different countries but we are one under the sun, as we are brothers. We wanted to create something that sends a message of unity to whoever encounters this great body of work.” – Kobi Jonz

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