The Leeds-based duo, Denton Thrift, has just released their new 4 track EP, ‘Sight’. Listen to any track and at any given point you’ll find yourself emerged in mellow synths, angelic vocals, and catchy melodies.

Opening track ‘Confessional’ sets the tone and is a good indication of how the rest of the EP will follow: a cocktail of intricately produced percussion, beautifully blended harmonies and textural peaks and troughs that take you on a musical journey throughout.

The scattering of piano and guitar inflections on ‘Something Real’ and haunting vocal snippets sprinkled across ‘First Light’ and ‘Sight’ are just a couple of little contributions that give each song a personality of its own. Another thing which separates Denton Thrift from other artists is the interesting contrast of male/female vocals which, paired with honest lyrics, enhances the wonderful storytelling nature of their music. From a listener’s perspective,

‘Sight’ seems to be a body of work responding to a dynamic shift in a person’s life, an attempt to salvage any type of
hope before having to face the reality of said shift. The beauty of this EP is that there is a choice in how you listen to it; the talented duo have the ability to create serene soundscapes that you could easily sit back to and purely just enjoy as chilled background music or you can allow it to really draw you in and tug on your heartstrings.

It does not demand your attention yet it will not let you ignore its presence and, as far as ambient electronica goes, Denton Thrift has pretty much ticked off everything necessary to create peaceful but impassioned music.


You can stream ‘Sight’ here.

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