A Fresh Perspective From Lorenzo Wood With Drown

by Lauren Williams

29th May, 2020

A Fresh Perspective From Lorenzo Wood With Drown
A Fresh Perspective From Lorenzo Wood With Drown
Artwork designed by Kyle Wonzen

We all know that great music is written based on personal experiences and real emotions, especially the breakup song theme. Lorenzo Wood’s Drownuses a fresh perspective from the person who has to do the breaking up and the horrific anxiety that ending a relationship causes, especially when no one has warranted the change of heart. Sometimes it just happens. I think the lyrics to this song reflect these complex emotions.

Drown begins with a melodic acoustic guitar and Lorenzo’s singular voice. A drumbeat then slowly creeps in for the chorus. The drum almost has a military march quality, as if Drown is the anthem needed before going into battle and doing the thing he is dreading most;

Today’s gonna be the day
Don’t know what I’m gonna say
There’s no way to do this where it won’t hurt
So just tell me I’m gonna be alright and it won’t get worse
So all I can do is drown in my thoughts tonight

As the song continues, the percussion enhances, reaching its crescendo on the final chorus creating a lasting impact. Not only is Lorenzo Wood a singer-songwriter, but he also played the guitar, mandolin, piano, and drums/percussion on this track. Talk about multi-talented! I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more from him in the near future.

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