A Colourful Return For Rayelle With ‘Freedom’

by Emma Reynolds

11th October, 2019


“freedom, that’s all we want!”

Nashville pop star Rayelle has announced the release of her new single ‘Freedom’ and it is the sound of October! You expect to hear of bluesy country music when you hear that an artist has their roots in Nashville but what Rayelle delivers in this new single is something so much more, and unexpected in the best way.

‘Freedom’ is out now and could be huge for the singer-songwriter Rayelle. She has released two singles prior to ‘Freedom’ including ‘Get Ready’ and ‘Get Dat’, both of which you may recognise from the worldwide advertising campaign from Samsung’s Galaxy S10 which soared Rayelle into the attention of a global audience.


New single ‘Freedom’ has been written in collaboration with producer A.G., the track was brought together in as little as 24 hours and the track is full of energy. It opens with a tribal beat and follows up shortly with an upbeat backing track before positive vocals stream in. The bridge is so catchy featuring “ooooh-lays” that’ll be stuck in your head for hours. The feel-good track is one that makes you want to dance and let go, feeling the self-loving vibes that exuberates from it.

Rayelle says, “We as humans are so incredibly complex and unique and I personally want to live in a world where I get to see the full range of personalities, race, gender, etc. that we as humans have to offer. Wed all deserve to be seen, accepted and loved for who we truly are.

The song is accompanied by a diversified music video celebrating the different ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations coming together to celebrate their uniqueness while fighting for their human right to be anyone they want to be.

This song is amazingly catchy and will make you feel like you want to fight for who you are too!

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