7even Daze Releases Powerful Track DownUp and coming Los Angeles R&B artist 7even Daze brings us the incredibly powerful track Down that touches on topics such as heartbreak, loss, sacrifice, and newfound strength. It is wrapped up in a delicious R&B and Soul coating.

Beginning with an enchanting and delicate piano melody that has a dreamy, fairy-tale like quality, as a listener you are instantly hooked in suspense, intrigued as to how the story is about to unfold. We’re unexpectedly joined by cool and distinct R&B style beats that change the feel of the track from delicate, to bold and powerful. The perfect foundation for soulful and sultry vocals we then hear from 7even Daze.

“This song is personal is about overcoming heartbreak and gaining the strength to walk away from a toxic relationship. I took multiple losses and sacrificed so much for someone who wasn’t willing to sacrifice for me, which resulted in me losing so much more. I lost myself in the process.” – 7even Daze

Although having been creatively influenced by artists such as Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean, and Beyonce, 7even Daze’s style of music is completely unique and very much stands tall on its own.

Down is stripped back, raw with emotions and vulnerable, which in turn creates an important and powerful connection between the artist and listener.

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