Worry Club Battles Self-doubt With Introspective Single Vince Vaughn

by Marcus Adetola

29th September, 2021

Worry Club sums up the struggles independent music artists face with the dreamy single Vince Vaughn. Worry Club is the latest project from Chicago native Chase Walsh. The track is soothing, contrary to the reality of the lyrics, as Chase sings with hazy and calming vocals on the backdrop of mellow instrumentals. This contrasting feeling of melancholy balanced with the lush soundscape makes the song even more engaging.

The life of an independent music artist is not an easy one, filled with numerous upheavals. Not just limited to finance accessibility, but more importantly, issues of self-doubt. Which at times causes anxiety that could lead to more severe mental health conditions.

“This song is about being an independent artist, constantly working to get my name out there whilst dealing with the inevitable bouts of anxiety and writer’s block”.
-Worry Club

Enjoy Vince Vaughn out now.

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