Why Is International Women’s Day Important?

by neonmusic

8th March, 2021

Why Is International Women's Day Important?

The celebration of International Women’s Day each year hails the impact that women make in society. The day celebrates women’s achievements, challenges gender stereotypes, and raises awareness about women’s equality. It’s a celebration of all that women do personally, in society, and dedicating a day for them is the least we can do.

Women contribute immensely to society in a multitude of ways, and it is not limited to caretaking. They play an active role in social-economic development, excelling as entrepreneurs in sports, education, agriculture, medicine, and so forth. Throughout history, the role of women in society has brought stability and progress in countries’ development. This historic day marks the achievements of women from across the world.

As an epitome of strength, patience, perseverance, resilience, and beauty, it is right to dedicate a day entirely to women, to mark her unconditional love, sacrifices, and remarkable contributions to society.

In every aspect of life, in families, women’s role in decision-making is instrumental to growth. Whether a woman chooses to be a homemaker or a full-time working professional, her role in society is enormous.

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March 8, is officially marked as International Women’s Day. The story behind the celebration of this day dates back to the 1900s in various parts of the world. It is after women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1907 that it was declared a National Holiday. They were starved and were dealt with food shortages while men were fighting at war. On this day, thousands if not millions of Russian women went on the streets to protest against the government, crying for unity and equal rights, after which they were granted voting rights. The women’s strike commenced on February 23 on the Julian calendar then in use in Russia. This day on the Gregorian calendar elsewhere was March 8, which is the date we celebrate now.

International Women’s Day is celebrated across many countries globally today. Regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, or race. The motive behind Women’s Day’s celebration is that it spreads awareness on women’s rights and equality. It serves to support and encourage women to accomplish their dreams and goals, irrespective of the roadblocks.

Throughout history, women have been biased and been on the receiving end of the comparison. It has been a struggle for equal rights in terms of income, education, and so on. However, with the feminist movements and civilization of the global society, women have managed to break barriers and have come a long way.

Participating in an IWD event shows you’re an active supporter of women’s justice and equality.

Wearing purple, green, and white on March 8 shows that you’re a flag bearer of justice, equality, and dignity. Purple signifies justice and dignity, while green symbolizes hope and white represents purity. The colours originated from the UK Women’s Social and Political Union in 1908.

March 8 is declared an official holiday in many countries, including Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, Russia & Vietnam. In many communities, women are honoured by the men in their life with presents and flowers on this occasion. 

In the United States, it is not an official holiday, but numerous celebrations across the US take place to honour the special day. This day brings together women of all cultural backgrounds to stand united as one. 

The campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is Choose To Challenge. A challenged world is an alert world. And from challenge comes change. So let’s all #ChooseToChallenge.

This is the day to celebrate the women in your life. So, what are your plans for the day, and how are you planning to celebrate?  

#IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge

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