Waves By Daniel Trakell: A Poignant Echo From Indie-Folk’s Depths

by Marcus Adetola

22nd October, 2023

Waves by Daniel Trakell: A Poignant Echo from Indie/Folk's Depths

Melbourne’s very own indie-folk rock artist, Daniel Trakell, emerges with a poignant new single, Waves, that ripples as a tidal wave of emotions from his upcoming album Into the Blue. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of the 60s folk scene, Trakell’s sound is reminiscent of legends like Townes Van Zandt, Jackson C. Frank, and the iconic Bob Dylan. Yet he stands out, ensuring his voice isn’t lost in the echoes of the past. His vocals, imbued with sincerity and vulnerability, are the beating heart of this track. They convey a melancholy that’s both haunting and comforting, a duality achieved by few.

The instrumentation in Waves is nothing short of a symphony. From the ethereal sounds of the pedal steel to the grounding beats of the drums, every note is a brushstroke on a canvas of emotions. The piano, horns, and other instruments come together to create an atmosphere that’s warm, almost like a comforting embrace on a cold day.

What adds to the charm of this track is its production. Recorded in an old church hall in Mollongghip, a quaint farming community not far from Ballarat, there’s an inherent soulfulness to the song. This choice of location, combined with the subtle and elegant production by Josh Barber (known for his collaborations with Gretta Ray, Gotye, and Archie Roach), ensures that Waves is not just heard but felt.

Daniel Trakell Waves song cover
Daniel Trakell Waves song cover

The lyrics of the song are a journey in themselves. Lines like “All we didn’t say, the words we couldn’t keep” and “Big waves could drag me under, wash me out to sea” evoke a sense of longing, loss, and acceptance. They’re a reflection of life’s ebbs and flows, the highs and lows, and the calm and chaos.

As we await the release of Into the Blue on November 24th, let Daniel Trakell’s Wave wash over you.

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