Vigo Blax Drops The Poignant Feelings In My Phone

by Marcus Adetola

30th June, 2021

It’s uncommon to enjoy a sampled song as much as the original. However, Vigo Blax has done this with Feelings In My Phone. International songwriter and producer duo Vigo and Jones have sampled the classic track Where Is My Mind by Pixies and made something profoundly exciting. The pair have added new distinct touches to the classic song with a modern appeal, yet it embraces the emotions of the original track. 

Where Is My Mind has always been one of my favorites on a soundtrack (played during the iconic scene at the end of the 1999 cult movie Fight Club), yet this version from Vigo Blax will fit into soundtracks for the new age. To pull off such a feat is a testament to the talent of this young duo.

“I think it‘s extremely important that we develop awareness for digital depression. People need to be more open towards this subject and digital education should be a normal thing to discuss in schools and universities. We are constantly looking for the next distraction. The next dopamine hit. We’re often not living in the physical world. Our social media selves being our main interest. We could prevent a lot of negativity if we would talk about this topic more openly without fear of being judged. I am excited but also worried about the future. Despite all the benefits, I think the biggest threat humanity will ever face, might not manifest in the physical world but in the digital realm. We have to be transparent about our digital inventions and openly communicate the risks that come with using them daily if we want to be able to coexist healthily.” – Vigo

Feelings In My Phone by Vigo Blax is out now.

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