Vargas and Lagola Release The Blissful ‘Forgot To Be Your Lover’

by Terry Guy

23th October, 2019

It is no wonder when hearing their new single ‘Forgot To Be Your Lover’ that the production duo Vargas and Lagola are the hitmakers behind famous Dance acts such as Avicii and David Guetta, as well as notably classic names in Pop like Madonna, Katy Perry and Sia…to name a few. In other words, Vargas and Lagola are legendary and have recently dropped one of the best Dance tracks of 2019.

The best way to describe ‘Forgot To Be Your Lover’ is that it is a “romance over a blissful Dance beat,” what with its 70’s influenced fusion of Disco and Americana, it is quite simply stunning. Musically, if Everything But The Girl and Moloko were to ever cross paths, it would probably sound a little something like this track. A tune to end the summer with nicely, especially with that catchy chorus and powerful solo voice which, when the vocals move into its higher register, solely using chest voice, soars like an angel.

Overall, it is yet another ear-pleasing, experimental Pop song to add to the respected portfolio of Vargas and Lagola, and since ‘Forgot To Be Your Lover’ is pretty much “summer vibes all around,” we are wondering if the boys have any more hidden Dance gems up their sleeve…or a full-length album to take them away from behind the scenes?

‘Forgot To Be Your Lover’ is out now.

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