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17th March, 2021

Lockdown for me has felt like an ongoing rollercoaster. I’ve had days where I’ve felt really motivated and I’ve had days where I’ve struggled to get out of bed.

During the first lockdown, I was focused on finding new ways to build my fan base online and still be able to connect with a new audience as I was no longer able to perform. So I started jumping on Instagram Talent Shows with different influencers and artist from around the world and it was great! I have met so many amazing people from all over the world that I wouldn’t have got the opportunity to meet if the circumstances were different.

Shortly after, I teamed up with an American platform called Glbl Vllg and started hosting Talent Shows once a week to help bridge a gap between artists in the UK and the USA.

During this period I was quarantined in the studio with my team PINK MAYNE, so I was still able to make and record music, which also kept me very occupied during this period, which was a blessing as that was when I recorded my latest single Black Kingz.

Once we eased out of the first lockdown I was able to shoot the video for Black Kingz but unfortunately, things still didn’t go back to normal for me as I was restricted from doing shows which meant I was still unable to work.

Entering into the second lockdown was a lot more difficult for me. I was very frustrated and disheartened but I still had a single to release, so the show must go on! I started meditating a lot more and reading daily affirmations to stay positive, one of my favourite ones is:

“Do your thing and do it unapologetically. You are responsible for your happiness. In fact, you create it, you manifest it, you are the architect of your reality. You possess all the tools needed to expand your awareness, to choose happiness, you are that powerful, create the life you deserve!”

This quote is a great reminder that when we wake up every morning we all have the decision to create our own happiness and the life we deserve.

The release for Black Kingz was amazing and I got the opportunity to team up with an amazing PR team Ten Letter which took it to the next level, which goes to show that even with the pandemic anything is possible.

Through BLACK KINGZ, VALNTNA explores the obstacles, pain and suppression of black men.

“I deliver a powerful message to shine a light on these issues, empowering all Black Kingz to come together, uplift themselves and each other & embrace the change that is distinctly upon us. Projecting Love, Healing & Unity”

VALNTNA’s powerful single and music video BLACK KINGZ is out now.

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