Trendy Must-Haves For Autumn Outdoor Music Festivals

by Claire Charleston

15th September, 2023

Trendy Must-Haves For Autumn Outdoor Music Festivals

Just because summer is close to an end, it doesn’t have to mean you can no longer enjoy your favourite musical artists in an outdoor environment. There are tons of music festivals lined up for this autumn in the UK, such as the dance and boutique-style Mint Festival in Yorkshire and the much-awaited Pitchfork Music Festival in London. And when it comes to festival outfits, you would want to dress up not just fashionably but also appropriately for the season.

Our guide shows you how to put together autumnal outfits, from a midi or maxi dress paired with chunky boots to oversized knitwear for some cozy layering. However, your festival fashion wouldn’t be complete without accessories that accentuate and elevate your look.

So, here are some trendy must-haves for outdoor music festival attendees this autumn.


Woman wearing a hat at a festival
Woman wearing a hat at a festival

While summer festivals were characterised by eye-catching headpieces like bandanas and flower crowns, you would need something equally stylish and practical for your head this Autumn. Ideal Magazine rounds up the best on-trend hats for Autumn 2023, allowing you to experiment with styles based on your preferences and the type of music festival you plan to attend. For instance, felt fedoras are the perfect partner for leather jackets on a cool and breezy day spent listening to indie bands. As noted in the style guide, you can get them in burgundy or charcoal grey to capture the essence of the Autumn. Meanwhile, if you’re going to a more laid-back, multi-genre festival like Pitchfork, a nylon or corduroy bucket hat makes for a promising addition to a casual combo of graphic tee and cargo pants.

Tote or Crossbody Bag

It is easy to lose track of your belongings when you’re in a crowd, which makes a bag the ultimate festival accessory to keep all your items safe. For those planning to groove out to some jazz and blues at the Scarborough Jazz Festival, River Island has a collection of stylish ladies’ handbags in leather to add sophistication to your looks. Depending on how much you need to carry, there are large embossed tote bags for extra storage space and quilted crossbody bags for something more compact. Simply slinging these bags on your shoulder keeps your hands free for drinks and movement!

A Pair of Shades

Woman at a festival wearing sunglasses
Woman at a festival wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses are another accessory commonly associated with summer, but this eyewear is a must-have for both sun protection and fashion statements all year round. Just like hats, there are a wide range of styles, designs, and colours you can play with to match your festival outfits. For the family-oriented Made in Manchester music festival, stick to classic and timeless pieces like the minimalist rectangular frames from Ray-Ban, better known as the Wayfarer. Electronic music festivals are also a hit in the UK once the weather gets cooler, with Waterworks Festival at Gunnersbury Park, London being one of the highly anticipated events this year. Since this multi-stage festival will likely draw in the most fashion-forward crowd, step up your look with a pair of experimental wraparounds from trendy brands like Diesel and Gentle Monster.

Statement Jewellery

Although they are the smallest items on this list, you can never go wrong with statement jewellery like earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Designer brand Thomas Sabo has crafted luxurious pieces suited for edgier looks at metal and rock festivals. These pieces are made distinctive by animal imagery like birds of prey and serpents, as well as hardcore symbols like skulls, crosses, and swords. Thus, they can add a finishing touch to rock ‘n’ roll outfits composed of leather jackets, band tees, and platform boots. For subtler styles that match smaller festival venues and crowds, your go-to brands can be Pandora and & Other Stories.

Overall, planning your outfit can add to the fun and enjoyment of attending a music festival. For more articles on music and lifestyle, feel free to check out the rest of Neon Music’s official website.

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