Tommy Ashby’s Moonflowers (Binaural Acoustic Version) is A Sonic Journey Like No Other

by Marcus Adetola

4th August, 2023

Tommy Ashby's Moonflowers (Binaural Acoustic Version) is A Sonic Journey Like No Other

Scottish singer-songwriter Tommy Ashby’s reimagined version of Moonflowers, taken from his debut album Lamplighter, is more than just a delightful tune. It’s an invitation to an immersive auditory adventure that transcends the conventional listening experience.

With his emotive songwriting and gentle vocals, Ashby has always had the ability to connect with listeners. But with Moonflowers, he takes a bold leap into the realm of binaural recording, a technique that replicates the human hearing experience in spatial audio. The result? A uniquely panned, dynamic listening experience that is as immersive as it is beautiful.

The magic of the reimagined version of Moonflowers lies in Ashby’s innovative approach to recording. As he moves around the binaural head microphone, his vocals wander around the listener, creating a sensation of being inside the song. It’s as if Ashby himself is serenading you, moving closer and further away, from one ear to the other. This isn’t just a new dimension to the track; it’s a groundbreaking approach that sets it apart.

But the innovation doesn’t stop at the recording technique. The song itself is a masterclass in emotive storytelling. Ashby’s gentle yet powerful vocals perfectly complement the acoustic guitar and other instrumentation. The lyrics are poetic and heartfelt, painting vivid images in the listener’s mind.

Moonflowers (Binaural Acoustic Version) is more than just a reimagined track; it’s a showcase of Ashby’s innovative spirit and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music.

Listen to Moonflowers (Binaural Acoustic Version) now.

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