Tommy Ashby Touches Your Heart With One Word

by Lauren Williams

1st May, 2020

Photo by FraserTaylor

Scotsman Tommy Ashby has touched my heart with One Word and his explanation and the meaning behind it. One Word is the first single to be released from Tommy’s fourth EP (set for release in the Summer, so keep your eyes out!) and it’s just beautiful.

Produced by Sam Okell, who has won not one, but two Grammy’s for his work and co-written with Tom Havelock (who has written for the likes of; Sub Focus, Matrix and Futurebound and Cheryle Cole), this track already sounds like a winner right? 

Opening with a singular guitar and a singular voice, soft percussion and melodies creep in and build upon the gentle foundations throughout. The chorus strongly reminds me of Rusted Roots (you’ll recognise their classic Send Me On My Way). The whole track is laid-back folkey triumph that exudes a real comfort, you can’t help but smile when you listen to it. There’s a slight country twang incorporated into the piece as well, which I assume is inspired by the wilds of the Scottish countryside. 

Tommy Ashby has described the narrative of the song as being at the start of relationship, when you’re a bit more reserved and overthink a lot of what you say or do, to progressing to just being yourself; “I am a serial overthinker, my every decision is overanalysed. I think this is a pretty common feeling made more prevalent by social media and the pressure to have a ‘successful’ modern life.

This song is an attempt to show the other side of the coin – there is a point at the start of all relationships where you kinda need to be vulnerable, say something honest and hope the person doesn’t laugh at you. The tune ends on an uplifting vibe, it tries to capture the point where you are so comfortable with someone that you can say anything.” 

I think this is a really important message, not just regarding romantic relationships but, with any relationship we have with someone. It’s important to feel confident in yourself and I think this song will be an uplift for anyone who is an overthinker.

You may be familiar with some of Tommy’s music as it’s been featured on Love Island, Riviera and Grey’s Anatomy. Listen to his other singles including Apollo, Restless Love, Someone New and Cocoon

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