The Ultimate Playlists for Summer 2019

by neonmusic

4th June, 2019

Summer is here — finally. And that can only mean one thing: hanging out with friends and family outside in the glorious summer weather. If you’ve prepped for summer correctly, you’ll already have the perfect bathing suit picked out, the weekend road trip plans booked, and of course, you’re dreaming about all the al fresco dining you’ll be doing.

But one thing you might have missed in your epic planning is the music. You might think that you can throw on any old shared playlist on Spotify and have everything turn out OK, but the fact is that music can make or break a mood whether you’re hosting a party or working out by yourself.

So take some time to curate your playlists carefully. Trust us, it’s totally worth it. We’ve even provided a little direction for almost any occasion. So why not put your earbuds in, turn the volume up, and drift off as you listen to the sounds of the summer and psyche yourself up for the sure-to-be magical season ahead. There are tons of op

Is there anything better than sitting poolside with a drink in your hand — or better yet, sitting in the pool itself on a floatie. The sun beams down warming you up, but the pool water keeps you super cool. It’s this dichotomy of hot and cold that calls for an R&B vibe. We suggest some old-school Motown, but newer tunes like “Feels” by Kehlani do just the trick to make your cares float away. Imagine bobbing under the sun listening to your playlist at Central Park Tower’s massive pools!

Not everyone can live right on the sun-soaked Florida coast like those who live at 3550 South Ocean. But you can feel like you’re right on a tropical beach anytime when you add a few Latin beats to your beach playlist. Start out slow with some Sergio Mendes bossa nova and ramp it up to a full-on party with Pitbull.

The Big City
Some people actually prefer to stay in the city when summer rolls around. And if they’re living in luxe digs like at The Bryant in NYC, we wouldn’t blame them. The town also slows down for three months and empties out a little bit giving you more room to roam around and fire up some classic rock songs. Summer walks around the city in the heat would not be complete without listening to “Summer in the City.”

Working Out
Summer bodies start in the winter, but summer bodies have to stay summery all season long. So you’ll want to maintain all of that hard work you put in. Use fast-paced club-anthems to really get yourself into beast mode whether you’re on the treadmill or in the weight room in the Hayworth’s state-of-the-art gym overlooking the Upper East Side. Some poppy tunes never hurt a workout either … old-school Britney Spears, anyone?

BBQ with Friends
Behold, the ultimate symbol of summer: the BBQ. It doesn’t matter if you use charcoal or gas to grill or even if you order some pizza and eat it in your backyard, there’s nothing like a BBQ, especially if you live at 800 Fifth Avenue where the outside amenities elevate any event you throw.

Some folk rock pairs perfectly with the laid-back atmosphere and the cold beers out of the cooler. Think Crosby, Stills, and Nash or some ’70s Joni Mitchell.

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