The Sleeper And The Bed By Doris Club Echoes With Nostalgia And Heartache

by Marcus Adetola

10th February, 2024

The Sleeper and The Bed by Doris Club Echoes with Nostalgia and Heartache

Stepping into the world of Doris Club’s The Sleeper and The Bed feels akin to entering a dimly lit, intimate space, brimming with the soft whispers of untold stories and a subtle air of nostalgia.

At the core of Doris Club’s inception lies a deeply personal narrative, a tribute to the enduring spirit of Linying’s mother, who has battled with trigeminal neuralgia for years. This poignant backstory casts a sombre shadow over The Sleeper and The Bed, where the gentle strumming of a guitar melds with layers of rich textures, creating an immersive soundscape that resonates with the themes of grief and sorrow.

The song itself is a delicate weave of emotions, capturing the essence of heartache and the yearning for conversations that remain elusive while vividly conveying the internal strife and the longing for understanding amidst the unravelling of familial bonds.

“‘The Sleeper and the Bed’ details the heartbreak I felt watching my family disintegrate before my eyes. Pulled in multiple directions, neither option a painless one, I found myself wishing desperately that I’d had more time.”

Through Doris Club, the LA-via-Singapore artist, Linying, tells a story, and each line she sings adds depth to the narrative of a family navigating through the stormy seas of pain, while each refrain echoes the universal, yet deeply personal, struggle with fear and the quest for connection.

Doris Club The Sleeper and The Bed song cover
Doris Club The Sleeper and The Bed song cover

The Sleeper and The Bed is a haunting musical composition that is poignant and compelling and shines brightly with the simplicity of the melody and the raw honesty of the lyrics. This song hints at the path Doris Club is poised to embark upon. It offers a glimpse into an album that promises to be a collection of sonic explorations, with each track unfolding as a chapter in a narrative that is as captivating as it is heart-wrenching.

Doris Club’s debut album There’s Still Time will be released on March 22nd via Nettwerk.

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