The One-Sided Dance Of Modern Relationships: Eden Rain’s I Found My Brain

by Marcus Adetola

9th September, 2023

The One-Sided Dance of Modern Relationships: Eden Rain's I Found My Brain

In the intricate ballet of modern relationships, it’s not uncommon to find one partner pirouetting in the shadows while the other takes centre stage. Often, one might contort and mould themselves, losing their essence and voice in the process, just to fit the choreography set by another. Leeds-born, London-based artist Eden Rain captures this sentiment with piercing clarity in her latest alt-pop single, I Found My Brain.

The track is a delightful fusion of catchy vocals, spirited guitar riffs, and Rain’s distinctive smooth vocals, produced by the talented Halfrhymes, best known for his work with Matilda Mann. But it’s the witty lyrics that steal the show, painting a vivid picture of the frustration and liberation that come from breaking free from the shackles of someone else’s expectations. With a chorus that playfully quips, “I found my brain (last night, down the back of the sofa)“, Rain encapsulates the eureka moment of self-realisation, where one discovers their misplaced identity.

The song doesn’t just stop at being a catchy tune; it’s a refreshing and brutally honest commentary on the trials and tribulations of dating in today’s world. The instrumental arrangement, with its ebbs and flows, perfectly complements Rain’s vocals, making the emotions she conveys all the more palpable.

I Found My Brain is a standout track from her much-anticipated EP, But I’m Alright Now, set to grace our playlists this November. Fans can also look forward to her headline shows at The Lower Third in London and Oporto in Leeds.

Eden Rain I found my brain song artwork
Eden Rain I found my brain song artwork

Diving deeper into the inspiration behind the song, Eden shares a personal narrative. The song, she reveals, is a mosaic of her own experiences and those of her friends. It’s a poignant reflection on the loss of identity, the suppression of one’s voice, and the self-sacrifice many undergo in relationships or ‘situationships’. It’s a battle cry for those who’ve felt voiceless, urging them to reclaim their brains, their identities, and their worth.

In a world where relationships often feel like a game of who can care less, Eden Rain’s I Found My Brain is a timely reminder that it’s okay to prioritise oneself, to question, and to seek balance. It’s not just a song; it’s an anthem for the modern lover.

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