The Meaning Behind Harry Styles Late Night Talking Lyrics

by Alex Harris

14th December, 2023

The Meaning Behind Harry Styles Late Night Talking Lyrics


When it comes to captivating lyrics and infectious melodies, Harry Styles never fails to deliver. The second track on his album Harry’s House, titled Late Night Talking, released on 21 June 2022, has quickly become a fan favourite. With its catchy synth-pop sound and heartfelt lyrics, it’s no wonder that fans are eager to decipher the meaning behind the song. In this article, we’ll explore the deep emotions and hidden messages embedded within the lyrics of Late Night Talking.

Origin and Composition

Late Night Talking was recorded on May 23, 2020, during the creation of Styles’ album Harry’s House. The song was a collaborative effort between Styles and his songwriting partner, Kid Harpoon. Styles revealed in an interview with Apple Music that the song was written on the first day of their recording sessions. Kid Harpoon played multiple instruments on the track, showcasing his musical versatility.

The Lyrics: A Heartfelt Connection

The lyrics of Late Night Talking revolve around the theme of missing someone and the desire to make them happier. Styles’ heartfelt vocals combined with the emotive words create a powerful connection with the listener. Let’s delve into the meaning behind each verse and chorus.

Verse 1: Expressing Longing and Support

The song opens with the lines, “Things haven’t been quite the same, there’s a haze on the horizon, babe.” These lyrics convey a sense of longing and uncertainty. Styles expresses his desire to support and help his loved one through difficult times, as he sings, “When nothing really goes to plan, you stub your toe or break your camera, I’ll do everything I can to help you through.”

Pre-Chorus: A Promise of Happiness

In the pre-chorus, Styles reassures his loved one that he wants to make them happier. The lines “If you’re feeling down, I just wanna make you happier, baby, wish I was around, I just wanna make you happier, baby” emphasise his commitment to bringing joy into their life.

Chorus: Late-Night Conversations

The chorus of Late Night Talking highlights the special connection formed through late-night conversations. Styles sings, “We’ve been doin’ all this late-night talkin’, ’bout anything you want until the morning.” This intimate dialogue becomes an essential part of their relationship, leaving a lasting impression on Styles’ mind.

Verse 2: Willingness to Follow

In the second verse, Styles expresses his reluctance towards change but shows his willingness to follow his loved one anywhere. The lyrics “I’ve never been a fan of change, but I’d follow you to any place, if it’s Hollywood or Bishopsgate, I’m coming, too” illustrate his devotion and commitment.

Post-Chorus: Unforgettable Thoughts

The post-chorus reinforces the idea that Styles can’t stop thinking about his loved one. He admits, “Can’t get you off my mind, I won’t even try, to get you off my mind.” This repetition emphasises the strong impact this person has on his thoughts and emotions.

Music Video: Exploring Love and Intimacy

The music video for Late Night Talking adds another layer of meaning to the song. Directed by Bradley and Pablo, the video showcases Styles spending time in various beds with different people. Each bed represents a different location, from an art gallery to a restaurant, symbolising the different stages of love and intimacy. The video culminates in Styles falling through a sky of dark clouds and thunder, representing the ups and downs of relationships.

Decoding the Song’s Meaning

While the music video portrays multiple love interests, the song’s meaning remains subjective. Some fans believe that Late Night Talking is inspired by Styles’ then girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, due to the mention of a “camera” in the lyrics and the reference to “Hollywood and Bishopsgate.” These references may symbolise their respective professions and living locations. However, others interpret the song as a reflection on past relationships or a broader exploration of sex and intimacy.

Harry Styles Late Night Talking song cover
Harry Styles Late Night Talking song cover

Harry Styles’ Journey of Self-Acceptance

In interviews leading up to the release of Harry’s House, Styles opened up about his own journey of self-acceptance, including his experiences with dating, labels, and sexuality. He expressed that he felt ashamed about his sex life in the past but eventually realised that there was no need for shame. Styles emphasised the importance of accepting everyone and not feeling the need to label or clarify one’s experiences.


Late Night Talking is a heartfelt and introspective song that showcases Harry Styles’ musical talent and emotional depth. With its relatable lyrics and captivating melody, it has resonated with fans around the world. The song’s success was also recognised by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which certified it gold on July 26, 2022 and platinum in June 21, 2023, for selling over a million units. The song also achieved impressive chart positions, debuting at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reaching a new peak of #3 as of September 12, 2022. It also peaked at #2 on the Billboard Global 200 and #3 on the Billboard Global Excl. U.S. Chart, reflecting its worldwide popularity. Whether it’s about a specific person or a broader exploration of love and intimacy, the song leaves a lasting impression.

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