Rejection is part of our business. The nights can get messy, you don’t get a lot of time to be hungover and feel sorry for yourself and your parents are going to keep calling to ask when will be the time to get a proper job?

However, as I approached 2 years out of Uni – I hope I am not naïve enough to think, f*ck it, I don’t think I would have changed a lot about what I’ve done? 

Sure, despite some hilariously bad interviews and some questionable outfit choices, (The crucifix on my face, leather chaps with those Kim K sunglasses was a “strong” look to say the least) I have had the most incredible time. 

From too many nights at The Box to storming the Sony reception that one time and causing a scene when one of the Marketing Managers refused to take my call about Christina Aguilera – (They dropped the ball on Liberation) – of course, I have made mistakes! But as a loyal solider in this war of Glitterati and music industry talk, I still love it, and it’s not going away because I will not be leaving any time soon. They will have to drag me out, kicking and screaming.

Lewis McNair

Millan Trodorovic sat me down and stared me dead in the eye one time during the writing of my dissertation and said: “Don’t you ever let them take you and break one’s ego”. I have been humbled the f*ck out of for sure, but broken is not the word to use – I’m still here, the gigs I am going to are only getting better and better, and I am in it for the long run. 

I want to build an army.   

I say all this to say, as having had my umpteenth application rejected from a well-known Music Comoglotive, if any of you have some critical feedback on my application style and how to smash an interview, would always welcome an email and some friendly advice!   

Below is an example of a recent application – I’ll keep you all posted when I land my next gig. 

A fighter if not nothing else.

Dear HR – A cover Letter to The Music Industry

Re: A&R Position ​​

Dear HR Director,

The music landscape is obviously changing – and it has been for some time. ​​Clive Davis, Diddy, Kara DioGuardi, Cowell – these were people not afraid to take risks and move with the times during their era.

Today’s A&R’s, and those of the future are at risk of being left behind if they do not innovate. ​​

Switched on, progressive, and highly ambitious Music Industry BA. 2.1 class of 2017 achieving a 1st class Hons award for my final thesis project.

​​German speaker. Have worked in connection with brands such as LMT, 30 Seconds to Mars, Nicki Minaj, Luti Media, AOC, Porsche Design and Neon Music.

Full UK Driving license with the flexibility of international travel.​​

The current A&R position is exactly the kind of challenge I can see myself rising to and taking on. ​​

I’m highly interested in aligning diaries to come down and introduce myself to yourself and team.

​Kindest Regards, ​​

A Music Grad

Lewis McNair
Neon Music


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