The Irony Of Late Night By Say Solos x TF Woo

by Marcus Adetola

10th April, 2020

The irony Of Late Night by Say Solos x TF Woo is a bittersweet pill. Late Night, is dreamy and lucid, it conveys the emotions of seduction and chill-out music with an edge. The lyrics, on the other hand, however, are a complete opposite. It’s about having an overactive mind, contemplating, and analyzing plans. In short, fighting one’s demons.

These kinds of thoughts stave sleep away, and it’s prevalent in society in general. It’s probably more with the pandemic magnifying the effects. Herein, lies the irony of Late Night, how do contrasts fit in so well and make a good song. It’s the bittersweet elements that shine through in knowing there is sunshine after the rain.

Say Solos x TF Woo have  lyrically and melodically delivered on the track finding a lush balance between the sweet and bitter. They use adlibs and instrumentals in the right doses and timing, switching the tempo when necessary, serenading you with catchy hooks and chorus. Mixing in their real-life issues and putting you in an emotionally safe space to observe from a third-person perspective.

This is the first single off of their upcoming EP titled Text You Later. 

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