The Brothers Sun: A Fresh Hit on Netflix 

by Tara Price

8th January, 2024

The Brothers Sun: A Fresh Hit on Netflix

Netflix has delivered a striking new series that combines action, comedy, and drama in a captivating way. The Brothers Sun is a riveting Asian-American gangster comedy series that follows the adventures of a Taiwanese triad family in Los Angeles. With its first season recently premiered, it has already won the hearts of many binge-watchers. 

However, fans are now left wondering: will there be a second season? Let’s take a closer look at this remarkable series and its prospects for the future. 

The Setting, Plot, and Cast 

The Brothers Sun is set in the contrasting worlds of Los Angeles and Taiwan, featuring an all-Asian cast of talented actors. The series is created by Brad Falchuk (known for “Glee,” “American Horror Story,” and “Scream Queens”) and Byron Wu, who have skillfully crafted this series. 

Michelle Yeoh, Sam Song Li, and Justin Chien in The Brothers Sun (2024) Photo by COURTESY OF NETFLIX 
Michelle Yeoh, Sam Song Li, and Justin Chien in The Brothers Sun (2024) Photo by COURTESY OF NETFLIX 

The main cast is led by Golden Globe-nominated actress Michelle Yeoh, who plays Eileen Sun, the wife of a triad leader. Eileen’s eldest son, Charles (played by Justin Chien), travels from Taipei to Los Angeles to protect his family, including his mother and his brother, Bruce (played by Sam Song Li). The series cleverly mixes thrilling martial arts scenes, intriguing family drama, and witty humour. The first season ended with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers eager for more of the Sun family’s story. 

The Brothers Sun: A Milestone for Asian Representation 

The series has been applauded for its dedication to Asian representation, both on and off the screen. Actor Song Li, who plays the role of Bruce, expressed his pride in being part of an all-Asian project. He emphasised the importance of such representation in changing the narrative and shaping the conversation around Asian characters in the media. 

The Future of The Brothers Sun 

As of now, Netflix has not made any official announcements regarding the renewal of The Brothers Sun for a second season. However, based on their past trends, Netflix often bases renewal decisions on the success of the first season. Considering the positive critical and audience reception of The Brothers Sun, there is a high likelihood that a second season is in the works.

Possible Plotlines for Season 2 

There are several potential plot twists that could feature in the second season, such as exploring the roles and dynamics within the Sun family. The creators have expressed their desire to delve deeper into the characters’ relationships within the family. There is also potential to explore Mama Sun’s new role as the leader of the triad gangs in Taiwan. 

Michelle Yeoh: The Powerhouse of “The Brothers Sun” 

Michelle Yeoh’s performance as Eileen Sun (a.k.a. Mama Sun) has been a standout aspect of the series. Yeoh has been praised for her ability to seamlessly switch from a protective mother to the secret weapon of Taipei’s dominant triad, demonstrating her versatile acting talent. 

The Brothers Sun: A Unique Blend of Comedy and Action 

The series presents a unique blend of comedy and action, drawing on familiar tropes but adding a fresh twist. Whether it’s the culture-clash comedy or the dynamic between the Sun brothers, the series continually delivers engaging and entertaining content.

Audience and Critical Reception 

The Brothers Sun has been praised for its inventive scenes of hand-to-hand combat, its talented cast, and its smart handling of Asian stereotypes. The series currently ranks as the No. 4 top TV series on Netflix in the U.S. and has received high ratings from both critics and audiences.


The Brothers Sun marks a significant achievement in diverse storytelling. With its compelling storyline, skilled cast, and harmonious mix of action and comedy, the series has made a notable impact. As fans await news of a possible second season, The Brothers Sun stands as a highly recommended watch on Netflix.

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