The Atmospheric Ambiance On Vacation By DWN2EARTH Is Deliciously SmoothThe atmospheric ambiance on Vacation by DWN2EARTH is deliciously smooth. It’s a culmination of different genres surreptitiously merged to create a luscious ambiance. DWN2EARTH weaves sweet saline melodies over the chopped repetitive instrumentals inducing psychedelic effects. The energy on the song is exciting and rouses emotions you never knew existed as it takes you into ecstasy. Vacation is from the Atlanta based artist DWN2EARTH’s debut album ATLANTIS.

 “Where I come from, it can feel like there are a lot of restrictions,” Earth explains. “ATLANTIS has no confinement, no limitations. It’s a world where you can do what you want.” 

Vacation is an incredible starting point to learn more about what this artist has to offer.