Sunny Ozell Releases New Single ‘Driving Highways’

by Terry Guy

13th September, 2019

Singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell is bringing her “church” voice to the forefront, alongside an authentic group of Gospel, backing vocalists on the new single ‘Driving Highways’. After the first listen, it leaves us wishing that 90’s blues-influenced musicians such as Joan Osbourne still took over the charts today. It is a refreshing listen comparable to Sheryl Crow’s 1993 debut album ‘Tuesday Night Music Club,’ especially when you hear the effortlessly performed Electric guitar leads on ‘Driving Highways,’ as well as its Wurlitzer, complimenting the bass nicely and throwing it into Joni Mitchell-mode.

In short, the song is an understated moment, which you will only end up repeating a thousand times afterward. You will find yourself having the ultimate chillout listening to Ozell’s soft, endearing vocal performance, so much that it will make you wish for critically acclaimed Soul-influenced, Rock artists such as Beth Orton to release new music as soon as possible.

Keep an eye out for Sunny Ozell’s forthcoming new album ‘Overnight Lows,’ which has been penned for early 2020 release. When you listen to ‘Driving Highways,’ you will feel as though you are already listening to Sunny perform live in your living room, because it is fair to say that the official studio version of this well-written song feels more like a live performance, due to its authentic, raw, captivating sound.

‘Driving Highways’ is out now.

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