Suddenly By Gabe James Is The Perfect Summer Companion

by Emma Reynolds

1st April, 2021

Now that the COVID-19 restrictions have eased and we can start to have some summer fun it is time to start collating that summer playlist and Suddenly by Gabe James NEEDS to be on there. The gentle piano chords, husky vocals and beautiful lyrics will make you nostalgic for young love and that yearning feeling.

Colorado-born Gabe James knew as a child that he wanted to create music but it did not come to fruition until his teenage years. James used his guitar and skills in songwriting to develop great music and share this with the globe.

Gabe is inspired by many different genres, music and artists, including classic rock such as Fleetwood Mac and hip-hop pioneers the Wu-Tang Clan. Drawing from these influencers and more Gabe has managed to craft his style from DIY production techniques and contributed towards the artist that he is now. 

New release Suddenly tells the story of someone waiting for that call to suddenly come from the person that they like so that they can be with them and appreciate them. The song is beautiful and relaxing and would be the perfect companion to a hot summer’s day. 

Waiting on the day that you call suddenly
We can talk about life your dreams in your sleep

The music video that accompanies the song is a super 8 style camera piece of art that shares beautiful images of Colorado and the wildlife there. It takes us on a journey with Gabe which makes us long for that special someone to pick up the phone and invite you on a life-changing adventure.

“This was one of the first songs I wrote in the house I lived at in Morrison, Colorado. I wrote it about the typical text game you play with your crush in high school, where you purposely take forever to respond to their message or just spend wayyy too much time overthinking what you’re going to send them. In high school I felt like the over obsessive simpy kid who always responded fast and got anxious when they didn’t respond back quickly. We shot the music video in Boulder (this epic college town) and Morrison, my hometown, so it features a lot of places I visited frequently growing up.” – Gabe James

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