Sound Kodz Channel A Positive Message With Open Your Eyes

by Tommy Docherty

24th July, 2022

Sound Kodz Channel A Positive Message With Open Your Eyes

Pittsburg, and Ohio rap group Sound Kodz channel a much-needed positive message with a fun, smooth hip-hop track in the form of Open Your Eyes.

Sound Kodz has been making uplifting, and motivational hip-hop music since 2019 and their latest single is no exception. If you’re in the mood for a soul-lifting bop that sounds like a mixture of the Fugees and early Pharell, look no further than this near-4 minute record. Lyrically, the subject matter focuses on the world hoping to become a better place if people also become better themselves. The first verse drops powerful lines such as “collective energy with synergy, we on a mission”, as well as witty similes like “money coming in too, pay me like the rent due”. It’s that expert level of conscious rap that J Cole would spit with the fun, laid-back vibe of 2000s-era Kanye West.

Sound Kodz’s second verse is very reminiscent of Lauryn Hill, with an ice-cold flow and smart lyrics to back it up. In it, the second member talks of our society being “conquered by division” and a very interesting reference to a classic children’s story with the line “goldilocks sleeps with the same bears we poke”. It’s another verse full of clever wordplay and thought-provoking lines.

The third and final verse is the most elevating of them all, as the third member of the group heavenly sings of how “we need to make it to brighter days” and how “times are getting tough but we have to keep pushing”. To hear such positive lyrics like this in a song after quite possibly the most chaotic 2 years in recent history is a much-needed breath of fresh air, and to hear them sung so elegantly is the icing on the cake.

Let’s not forget about that chorus, though, stringing the whole thing together. At the centre of this group’s mighty effort at peace and harmony is the repetition of “open your eyes, you gotta see it’s gonna get better”. A simple hook, sure, but with three verses of non-stop social commentary, it’s a nice change of pace to have such a condensed chorus. Also, does anything else really need to be said? The world can get better if people get better, and Sound Kodz want you to know it.

Overall, this upbeat, groovy mood lifter is sure to make you bop your head and may even put a smile on your face during these seriously challenging times. It also just so happens to be an incredibly enjoyable, beautifully produced and vibey song with rapping skills and a pen game to be admired.

Open Your Eyes is out now.

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