Smokiecoco Drop A Summer Soaked track M54 (Telf To Birmingham)

by Marcus Adetola

5th July, 2021

Smokiecoco, two brothers from the Midlands, drop a cheeky and infectious track M54 (Telf To Birmingham), just in time for summer. The chemistry between the brothers is evident in the way they complement each other on the track.

Smokiecoco told us exclusively, “We wanted summer energy, we wanted good vibes, and we wanted to show what the Midlands sounds like! This song means so much to both of us, it’s something we would have loved to have heard growing up – and the fact that we can represent our hometown like this makes us both insanely proud. We really hope M54 can become an anthem and we’re super grateful for everyone’s support in making that happen.”

All in all, it’s a fun-filled summer hip hop track, and A The Cray, and Middy drop catchy lyrics that will brighten up any day. Also, you have to compliment the catchy hook and verses that get you wanting to know more about the brother’s escapades journeying to and from the M54.

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