Sixten’s Ocean In Me: A Ballad Of Love’s Complex Journey

by Marcus Adetola

19th November, 2023

Sixten's Ocean In Me: A Ballad of Love's Complex Journey

Transformation is not just a choice but often a necessity. Embracing this metamorphosis, the sibling duo formerly known as Strandels steps into a new era with their fresh identity, sixten. Their latest offering, Ocean In Me, is a poignant testament to this change, marking their first EP under the new moniker. Released on November 17, this country-tinged ballad is a deep dive into the complexities of love and the arduous journey of letting go.

Ocean In Me is a blend of melancholy and melody with a narrative of tangled emotions, akin to a foreign language that one struggles to decipher. The song’s hypnotic rhythm, coupled with an electric guitar riff and a steady drumbeat, creates a haunting and comforting soundscape.

The lyrics of Ocean In Me are a raw and honest portrayal of the internal conflict one faces in the throes of a complicated relationship. Lines like “Feeling like I’m on fire, I think I should go” and “Damn, you’re an ocean in me, Push me out, pull me in” capture the essence of a love that is both a sanctuary and a storm. The song speaks to the heart’s paradoxical desire for both freedom and connection, a theme that many will find relatable.

There’s an undeniable sincerity in the way the lyrics are conveyed – a blend of frustration and resignation that echoes through each note. It’s as if the song is not just sung but lived, each word a fragment of a story that the duo has personally journeyed through.

Sixten Ocean In Me song cover
sixten Ocean In Me song cover

The sibling dynamic of sixten, with its blend of harmony and discord, has evidently been a crucible for creativity. Their arguments over song themes, musical direction, and even the band name have not been in vain. Instead, these conflicts have birthed a unique sound and artistic direction that sets sixten apart. Ocean In Me is a testament to this evolution, a song that not only marks a new beginning for the duo but also stands as a beacon of their artistic maturity.

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