SEON Drops The New Visuals For Never Be Alright

by Marcus Adetola

4th January, 2021

SEON drops the new visuals for Never Be Alright. He takes you on a journey into the abyss as he pours his heart out with powerful lyrics that are soul searching, sharing relatable dark sentiments over intense, somber instrumentals. The emotions on Never Be Alright is all-engulfing making you share SEON’s pain. This track is an open message to anyone going through a similar situation.

I wrote this song at the lowest point in my life. I had just been kicked out of college, my parents house, and arrested. I released this song in January of 2019 and after while I was serving my time in Prison the song gained a lot of attention due to Youtube and Tiktok. When I was released after serving 9 months I decided to make this video. I want people to hear this song and see the video and see that it is okay to not be okay and that they are not alone. We never speak about the things I talk about in this song and I think that is why it is so powerful”. – SEON

There is darkness in everyone, and it comes to light when we are at our most vulnerable point. In times of loneliness, the mind has the leverage to play tricks on us, often leading to sad consequences. Hence, the need to reach out and be heard.

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