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Sadie Jemmett

Sadie Jemmett Live Album Preview At L’Escargot

With its grand entryway and simple, elegant menu, London’s L’escargot provided the perfect venue for Sadie Jemmett’s showcase for her soon to be...
Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend’s ‘Harmony Hall’ Will Put You Right In The Middle Of Summer

Vampire Weekend has returned after nearly 6 years with a new single ‘Harmony Hall’. It gives us a glimpse of what’s to come...

ISLAND’S Debut ‘Feels Like Air’ – Album Review

ISLAND’s debut album, ‘Feels Like Air’, begins with their single, ‘Ride’. It’s a great introduction to the album, which likewise is as perfect...
Elias Boussnina

‘Shameboy’ Is A Magnetising Debut EP From Elias Boussnina

If you like your music sticky toffee rich, dark, and sultry then look no further than Elias Boussnina whose debut EP ‘Shameboy’ is...
The Wombats

The Wombats Live Music Review, Birmingham

The Wombats played an energetic, fun-filled show at o2 Academy Birmingham as part of their current tour. There’s something special about a Wombats...
Only The Poets

Only The Poets Releases Indie-Pop Anthem ‘Stolen Bikes’

If, in your uneducated and blissfully more vulnerable youth, you found yourself shouting the lyrics of The Scripts ‘Breakeven’ every time it came...
Mmm Hmm

Debut Song ‘Mmmm Hmmm’ Is Not Your Typical Love Story

When you think about Valentine’s day you are bombarded with imagery of love, happiness, and overall mushiness but ‘Mmmm Hmmm’ is the complete...
Fil Bo Riva

Fil Bo Riva Unveils The Visuals For The Transcendent ‘L’impossibile’

As soon as his reverb and echo-filled voice starts singing, it is highly apparent Fil Bo Riva is on to something magical. Something...

‘Faith’ Is An Addictive Alt-Pop Song From tiLLie

‘Faith’ is the addictive new single from the brilliant singer-songwriter tiLLie, which is inspiring hope in abuse survivors across the country. Only five...

A Grand Opening For Petrie’s ‘Superstore’ With Single ‘Texting You’

Along with their debut album, ‘Superstore’ London duo Petrie released their new single ‘Texting You’ which contains all their usual ingredients of sunny...
Good Cop Bad Cop

‘Silk and Leather’ Is A Glorious Slice Of Retro From Good Cop Bad Cop

Fans of the Arctic Monkeys and Milburn will probably be expecting Arctics’ member Matt Helders and Milburn’s Joe Carnall to deliver an Indie...
Lou Courts

Singer-Songwriter Lou Courts Releases The Classic ‘Try (To Move On)’

London born singer-songwriter Lou Courts has released his soulful song ‘Try (To Move On)’. It’s a very poignant song where Lou’s warm voice...

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