Revel In the Sweet And Dreamy Single If I Should Die by Niia ft Girl Ultra

by Marcus Adetola

25th May, 2021

Have you ever felt caught in a moment, watching life stand still, visualizing everything in slow motion? You feel such emotions when listening to Niia on If I Should Die.

Niia’s sultry and intoxicating vocals flourish on the revolving jazzy instrumentals creating a reality fixed in time. If I Should Die is dreamy with a sweet sensation sizzling around you. The dark-themed lyrics manifest a surreal moment. While the Latin vocals from Girl Ultra further intensify the emotions on the track, it sweeps you into a dimension of forbidden ecstasy. 

If there is a remake of the most recent Thomas Crown Affair starring Pierce Brosnan, this song will fit in perfectly. If you have seen the movie, you know which scene.

“If I Should Die sounds pretty brutal, but it became my reality… This is about facing time as an enemy and my own death. I’m asking how long I have to climb this ladder of the music industry. I realized this is just what I do, it never ends. This is my passion. I can’t keep searching for answers, because there are no answers. Once you find your peace with not knowing the truth, you find confidence.” – Niia

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