Remember Summer Nights Playlist

by Marcus Adetola

12th June, 2022

Heather Green x Tape Notes – Close Enough

Warm summer nights will never be lonely again, especially when you are in the company of Close Enough by Heather Green x Tape Notes. It’s a delightful and feel-good song that puts a warm smile on your face. This is a must-add to your summer playlist.


Singer, songwriter, and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB take you on a surreal drive with Popstar. The pop-inspired vocals and sweet harmonies make the track infectious. It’s so easy to listen to and get caught in the moment.

Cassidy Mann – Tropical Sour Candy

Do you ever dream about past lovers? Memories of a past relationship can be somewhat sweet, and Tropical Sour Candy is one of those nostalgic songs that transports you back in time. Cassidy Mann delivers a dreamy performance that enhances the feeling.

Nikose – Slowride Home

On Slowride Home, Upcoming UK artist Nikose explores deep emotional feelings. He takes you on a hypnotic journey with a lush atmospheric soundscape and emotive lyrics. It is perfect for a cruise down the motorway. After all, the song is titled Slowride Home.

Nash Rose – Plastic Heart

Nash Rose takes us on an emotional journey about romantic regret, seeing reminders of a relationship gone wrong and the overwhelming feelings that hang like a dark cloud over you. It’s a simple track, yet well-executed to make the emotions vivid.

Kalpee – Island Gyal

Kalpee ticks all the boxes with the warm tribute song Island Gyal.
Great vocals from Kalpee capture the moment, and the sweet harmonies are infectious. It’s a feel-good summery song with a pleasing sound bound to get you in a holiday mood, and the video will get you planning a trip to the West Indies.

Alessiah – Summer Feeling

Captivating vocals and an infectious hook will get you into the Summer spirit. That is what you get from Alessiah on Summer Feeling. It’s a dreamy song filled with those sweet memorable moments of Summer. The song is written and produced by a team of Norwegian composers, Anders Nilsen and Iselin Solheim.

You can listen to these songs and more on the Remember Summer Nights Playlist.

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