Rap God Dax Unveils His Latest Freestyle

by Marcus Adetola

29th June, 2021

ap God Dax Unveils His Latest Freestyle

Dax keeps on reaching for new heights with every single he drops, and again he notches another bar. Definitely a worthy contender for rap God, the verses speak for themselves. His latest track The Next Rap God shows how underrated Dax is. Lyrically he is flawless, and his delivery is on point as usual. I must warn you it’s quite a long video, but I guarantee every rap fan is bound to appreciate the tongue-twisting lyrics. It’s an understatement to say he rips the track up with quick-witted rhyme schemes. It’s refreshing to see an artist who is confident in his abilities to deliver quality bars. Right now, in the rap game, Dax is one artist to watch.

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