President Street’s Acoustic Set Cements Their Status As A Band To Watch

by neonmusic

19th December, 2019

Fairy lights and Christmas decorations line the semi-circular stage at The Bedford in Balham, and the scene is set for Australian pop-fusion group President Street to make their triumphant return to the UK.

Opening up their impressive and intimate five-song set with ‘Forward Stride’, President Street takes to the stage like true professionals, with Ruby’s honey-like vocals swelling in the cosy space. It’s the perfect setting for an intimate sit-down gig and with each passing song, we are drawn further and further into the mystical and sultry tones of President Street. It’s the kind of music which is equally at home on a sunny day in their hometown of Melbourne, blasted loud in a car with the roof down, as it is here in the London winter, played to a small crowd huddled around fires and making merry this festive season.

New single ‘I Found Me’ goes down well, with the inescapably catchy hook echoing in the air after each chorus of pop-perfection. This is, again, where President Street really shines – writing hooks of pure pop which translate well from their expertly crafted production-laden single release to a stripped back, acoustic performance.

Set closer ‘Yeah I Know’ is a somewhat mournful end to the evening, with Ruby singing of a past love. But, like her vocals themselves, there is a strength to be found underneath the delicate exterior. She finds strength in vulnerability and leads this exciting and interesting band through their all-too-short set with quiet confidence and sweetness.

Set to travel around the UK for the rest of this month, President Street will surely have a lot of newfound fans ready.

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