President Street Shares Long-Awaited Project Heartbreak Player

by neonmusic

22nd October, 2021

President Street Shares Long-Awaited Project Heartbreak Player

The sound of the Australian two-piece President Street is more than just their dance-inspired love-charged music. Pete Moses, the founder, with the incredibly talented singer Ruby Servinis represent a musical sensation that reaches far beyond the borders of Australia. The heart of their new EP, Heartbreak Player, is a testament to their symbiotic collaborative relationship.

Hailing from Melbourne, President Street shares their long-awaited project, Heartbreak Player, that looks into the juxtaposition between reality and fantasy when it comes to love. In other words, this 8-track long record sums up anything and everything when it comes to falling in love, falling for the wrong guy, and the constant battle between the head vs. the heart.

On top of being a perfect match, President Street takes the good, the bad, and the ugly and turns it into a package of excitement, mixing hypnotic vintage synths with fresh beats featuring powerful emotive vocals by Ruby. Alongside the title track, the EP includes other hits like Time’s Up, Something To Believe In, and I Found Me, which could easily qualify for any of your favourite party playlists.

“I don’t want another heartbreak player / I don’t want another video gamer / I don’t want no cheap time-waster,” Ruby sings on Heartbreak Player and speaks on the self-destructive pattern of falling for the wrong guy. The familiarity of this cursed behavioural tendency creates a sense of relatability only true talent is capable of.

In the line of their most impressive material yet, President Street also elevates their live show presence as they are about to join the UK act Roachford on tour as a supporting act. With their incredible discography, the duo promises an energy-packed show performing Heartbreak Player for the first time.

Don’t miss out and secure your tickets now.

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