Premiere: ‘Strip’ Is A Seductive New Single By REGI FLIH

by Narzra Ahmed

4th November, 2019

“Music right now is my life, every day for me is music” – REGI FLIH

Ain’t nobody do it like me,” REGI FLIH’s latest single ‘Strip’ is about a seductive relationship from his point of view, telling how his partner keeps him happy. The singer-songwriter has penned a slick, seductive tune (“Baby naughty, but she got me so nice”) following his previous tracks ‘Something For Me’ and ‘Feeling Some Way’.

The Australian-based artist has been spending time in LA recording tracks for his forthcoming debut EP. REGI FLIH is inspired by Boyz II Men, Miguel, Donell Jones, and the Weeknd and these influences are all apparent in ‘Strip’.

“Strip it down, make me happy”

‘Strip’ showcases REGI FLIH’s soulful vocals with slow, modern beats. There is a warmness and relatability to the track. Perfect for listening to before a night out!

REGI FLIH is an artist to watch, especially since music has played a role for him throughout his whole life, from his childhood days to busking outside stores more recently. He’s a refreshing new artist and he wants his music to help listeners “Feel what I feel, see what I see”.

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