Premiere: Son Kuma Sets Himself Apart With Good For Life

by Marcus Adetola

18th February, 2021

What would you give to be Good For Life? And, what would you do? I know the first thing that comes to mind is living lavishly. However, Son Kuma plans to take a different approach ignoring the trappings. Judging by his new single, Good For Life. He flows with a selfless consideration for others while maintaining a vibrant and cheerful vibe. The single carries a strong message and is a reminder of what we take for granted; the joy in being alive. 

 “‘Good For Life’ is a phrase I coined the day I freestyled the song. It eventually took on the definition of being happy with what you will always have till the day you die, LIFE! Because life is worth infinitely more than any amount of money or wealth, that’s the general vibe and message of the song. By becoming ‘Good For Life,’ you are essentially welcoming a Good Life; seeing the value in just the fact that you exist here, today!” – Son Kuma

During an academic suspension from Stanford in 2017 Son Kuma started to make music. His Indica mixtape captured attention and over 7 million streams in the process. This was just the beginning for a creative artist to take a fresh approach to songwriting with honest, relatable themes. His new single Good For Life is a soaring, uplifting slice of joy which we all want a piece of.

Good For Life is out now.

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