Photo Diary Of Youth Music’s Aurora Gig

by Thomas Harvey

10th April, 2019

Monday night The Courtyard Theatre in London saw to one night of Youth Music’s Give A Gig week with a flagship show performance from Aurora, the Norwegian singer, and songwriter as well as Rhys Lewis and Natalie McCool.

Aurora performing

Monday 8th April 2019, 19:24: With tickets being given through a prize draw, the queues for the venue began much earlier than this time with some fans from Germany having travelled twenty hours without sleep to get to the front at the small venue in Shoreditch.

Queue for Aurora gig

19:52: With the crowd pouring into the venue we took a good look at the intimate stage setup; with an intricately decorated background that perfectly characterised Aurora’s live set.

The stage before the performance

20:02: A representative from Youth Music discusses the aims of their Give A Gig week and the work that the charity does, changing the lives of young people all across the country. Natalie McCool then plays a beautiful stripped back set showcasing a serene vocal tone that is likened to Haim.

Youth Music representative and Natalie McCool

20:30: Make sure you always have good company for those in-between set waits like Lily. Especially when you have particularly impatient people like me with you.

My friend Lily

20:37: Rhys Lewis does his thing with a beautiful voice that seems to sing recklessly and growls with themes of love and even climate change. The singer is already known for millions of streams across the web and his live performance was a testament of why.

Rhys Lewis on stage

21:35: Aurora floats onto the stage with her supporting band, glowing from the shifting lights as her beautiful voice transcends out into the audience with the opening track, ‘Churchyard’.

Aurora performing

21:55: The Norwegian controls the crowd with ease as she dances around the stage moving her hands and gazing down at her supportive fans who have painted their faces with red streaks like the warriors she calls them.

Aurora with rainbow flag

22:20: ‘My Queendom Come’ Aurora sings out as she is handed a rainbow flag to champion her beliefs of freedom and expression and the track from her most recent album, ‘Infections Of A Different Kind – Step 1’closing with ‘Running With The Wolves’.

Youth Music spokesperson

22:45: Representatives from Youth Music stand by the door with buckets to donate to the cause as the audience leaves. Make sure you have a read of the other gigs happening this week with the Charity or support the cause on their website.

Listen to Aurora’s new single ‘The Seed’.

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